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KARTAGON are Hannes[B] and Thomas Daverio from Basel Switzerland. With KARTAGON the Swiss duo has renewed a musical collaboration going back as far as 1990. Under the name PANIC ON THE TITANIC they released three CD albums from 1992-1996.

In 2003 the debut album "natural instincts" was released on Strange Ways Records along with two singles "Pure Love" and "The Hunter" (which was only distributed to DJ's).

After lots of remixes done for various artists (some of them are available on the remix compilation CD "Eine Nacht im Bergwerk - DJ Francois vs Kartagon / The Remix Collection") and after Thomas' intense collaboration in the Swiss band FAQ (from 2003-2009), including the production of 2 albums "is pornography art?" and "whitechapel", Kartagon went finally back to the studio in the beginning of 2011 and started working on new material. On top of this, they invited a bunch of interesting people to contribute to the new album: TILO WOLFF (Lacrimosa) as guest-vocalist on the song “Messiah”, Swiss pop-soul singer NUBYA for the same on the song “One Day” and of course DANIEL MYER (Haujobb / Covenant / Architect / etc.) as producer for the whole record. The album was titled "in the clinic" and released in 2013. Also taken from this album is the latest release from May 2014, the single "Rescue Me" which contains clubby remixes from EISFABRIK, DANIEL MYER and KARTAGON. 

In 2015, Kartagon were invited by Tilo and Anne to join LACRIMOSA on their Mexico-Tour. Gladly for those who didn’t have a chance to be there, most of the performed songs are available as recorded live versions on our YOUTUBE channel or on this website in the video section. Especially worth to mention is the duet version of MESSIAH performed by Kartagon & Tilo Wolff - a truly magical moment as it was only performed during that tour. ​

In 2019, Kartagon joined LACRIMOSA again to perform some selected shows in Russia and Mexico.  It was on these shows as well when Tilo Wolff’s electronic side-project SNAKESKIN performed live for the first time - together with opera singer Kerstin Doelle, Hannes & Thomas on stage. The musical collaboration went on into the studio and resulted in the release of the 4th SNAKESKIN album “Medusa’s Spell” in February 2020. 

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